Watch Chapter 4 - Lebrançá

Watch Chapter 4 - Lebrançá

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  • Chapter 5 - Iyo

    After coming out of hypnosis, Amina passes through a mystical doorway into her past where she is confronted by a long forgotten trauma.

  • Chapter 3 - Adebisi

    .Amina confides in her colleague, the mysterious Dr. Adebisi about the patient that died in her care. As she does strange things happen around Dr Adebisi.
    NOTE: Due to technical difficulties there is an extended period of black at the end of this video

  • Chapter 2 - Ekpere

    The day after Amina’s failed suicidal attempt, she begins to question herself. An old friend from church shows up in attempts to pull her from the ‘darkness and into the light’ through prayer. But it only shines a brighter light on who Amina really is.