Watch Episode 6 - Iyatunde

Watch Episode 6 - Iyatunde

Episode 6 - Iyatunde

Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha - Portugues legendas – 8m 34s

Up Next in Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha - Portugues legendas

  • Chapter 4 - Lebrançá

    Under hypnosis, Amina remembers everything about Rodrigo’s death and who was really responsible.

  • Chapter 5 - Iyo

    After coming out of hypnosis, Amina passes through a mystical doorway into her past where she is confronted by a long forgotten trauma.

  • Chapter 3 - Adebisi

    .Amina confides in her colleague, the mysterious Dr. Adebisi about the patient that died in her care. As she does strange things happen around Dr Adebisi.
    NOTE: Due to technical difficulties there is an extended period of black at the end of this video