Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha - The series

Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha - The series

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Featured in the BBC and Brazils national paper, O Globo, the African deities, Orisha, return in a new 6 part story. This series is part of a cinematic universe of deities that plays out across an upcoming feature film, comic books and series.

Amina, a young doctor, has her life thrown into turmoil when a politician’s son dies under her supervision. Things get more complicated when she is possessed by the goddess of the ocean, Yemoja. Now haunted by mystical visions, Amina must find a way to clear her name and save her sanity before it is too late.

The premium edition contains the series itself with special content such as the soundtrack, script, High res posters, images and Behind the scenes footage.

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Destaque no jornal nacional BBC e Brasis , O Globo, as divindades africanas , Orixá , voltar em uma nova história 6 partes . Esta série é parte de um universo cinematográfico de divindades que se desenrola através de um próximo filme , histórias em quadrinhos e série.

Amina, um jovem médico , tem sua vida atirado ao tumulto quando o filho de um político morre sob sua supervisão. As coisas ficam mais complicadas quando ela é possuída pela deusa do oceano, Yemoja . Agora assombrada por visões místicas , Amina deve encontrar uma maneira de limpar seu nome e salvar sua sanidade , antes que seja tarde demais.

A edição Premium contém a própria série com conteúdo especial, como a trilha sonora, roteiro , res alto posters, imagens e cenas de bastidores .

Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha - The series

7 Videos

  • Chapter 1 - Abisogun

    In the first episode of 'Yemoja: Rise of the orisha', Amina, a young neurotic doctor, has been suspended from hospital after a patient, James Rodrigo, dies in her custody. Feeling guilty, abandoned and desolated, she sees only one way out; suicide but Yemoja has other plans for her.

  • Chapter 2 - Ekpere

    The day after Amina’s failed suicidal attempt, she begins to question herself. An old friend from church shows up in attempts to pull her from the ‘darkness and into the light’ through prayer. But it only shines a brighter light on who Amina really is.

  • Chapter 3 - Adebisi

    .Amina confides in her colleague, the mysterious Dr. Adebisi about the patient that died in her care. As she does strange things happen around Dr Adebisi.
    NOTE: Due to technical difficulties there is an extended period of black at the end of this video

  • Chapter 4 - Lebrançá

    Under hypnosis, Amina remembers everything about Rodrigo’s death and who was really responsible.

  • Chapter 5 - Iyo

    After coming out of hypnosis, Amina passes through a mystical doorway into her past where she is confronted by a long forgotten trauma.

  • Episode 6 - Iyatunde

    Amina is filled with question and there is only one person who can answer them but is she ready to finally hear the truth?

  • Yemoja Rise of the Orisha - Trailer